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The Time-Swept City

Written By:Thomas F. Monteleone - 1977

  • The Time-Swept City  - Thomas F. Monteleone cover


The great new future earth epic!

Eternal Chicago build to serve man and now seeking mastery of man

Eternal Chicago evolving like a live organism over the millenniums toward the zenith of monstrous perfection

Eternal Chicago flourishing behind its force fields as disaster ravishes the globe—and voyagers into space vanish among the starts

Eternal Chicago the ultimate battleground between human and extrahuman power—where the future of earth and the universe will be decided

You are an astronaut turned into a machine, and now searching for your stolen humanity...

a woman volunteering to be frozen for a hundred thousand years to await the return of your lover...

a survivor of a holocaust stumbling over a nightmare landscape toward a dream-like city shimmering in the distance...

a new kind of soldier beginning to doubt his mission as an infinitely powerful instrument of destruction...

a man hunted by computers through the streets, buidlings, and sewers of a vast and murderous metropolis...

an explorer returning over time and space to the horror that he still thinks of as home...

You are an inhabitant, a slave, a victim, an enemy, a witness of...

The Time-Swept City


"The song this novel sings is one that will be treasured by men and women who can still dream. A good read, yes, but I do not think the word exquisite is inappropriate. You will thank Monteleone for having taken you on this journey." —Harlan Ellison

"Tom Monteleone has drawn an eons-spanning tale... his hand never falters. The result is a precise, mordant, original and satisfying work by a strongly talented writer." —Roger Zelazny