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Written By:Paul Cook - 1981

  • Tintagel - Paul Cook cover


Welcome to a dream where worlds come true

In the 21st Century, a strange epidemic has conquered an earth already overrun by pollution and revolt. Those who succumb fall into their dreams, vanishing on strains of music into a perfect world that enthralls like a paradise and binds like a prison.

To the Stalker, whose job it is to bring them back alive... to the first woman President, whose charisma is her own worst enemy... and to the beautiful superactress who is the most desired woman in the world... the challenge has been set!

To meet it, they must embark on the ultimate escape

Enter a world of dreams that music make real, as real as the world you know already, and more ecstatic than anything you can imagine.

Explore a future that is free of pollution and sickness and war, a future all yours to shape as you wish, except for one small price—a price you may not be willing to pay.

Tintagle. The ultimate trip.