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Written By:Philip Wylie - 1954

  • Tomorrow! - Philip Wylie cover


A novel of America under atomic attack


A compelling new book by one of America's greatest novelists, author of "Generation of Vipers" and "Opus 21"

This book may change your life!

Tomorrow! is a powerful novel of average Americans at work, at play and in love in two neighboring cities.

It is—until the savage strike of catastrophe—the story of the girl next door and her boy friend; of a man who saw what was coming and a woman who didn't; of reckless youngsters and tough hoods.

Then, suddenly, atomic destruction hurtled down out of the sky and America was threatened with annihilation...

If you are interested in the Tomorrow of America—in learning about our dangerous vulnerability to attack, to panic and chaos—don't miss this book. It may save your life!

"Philip Wylie's Tomorrow! is the most successful story of its kind that has appeared since Sinclair Lewis' It Can't Happen Here... a brilliant scarifying novel... must be ranked among his best." —New York Times

Say goodbye now!

Philip Wylie has written a fasinating novel, full of fascinating people. Like Lenore, who'd trade marriage to a millonaire for a weekend with a soldier. Like Beau Bailey, who lives very well on other people's money. And Kit Sloan, who needs his daily thrill like some men need liquor.

This is also a frightening novel, stark with drama and suspense. For these people are the targets for an H-Bomb, and in one appalling hour they are going to trade their old lives for the struggle to exist in the America of Tomorrow!

"Long before you finish it, you'll be looking around for the nearest air-raid shelter. If it does nothing but wake up America to the hideous peril it faces, Wylie's book will be a huge success." —St. Louis Globe-Democrat