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Urth: Book of the New Sun

The Citadel of the Autarch

Written By:Gene Wolfe - 1982

  • The Citadel of the Autarch  - Gene Wolfe cover


Severian the fallen Torturer pursues his grand destiny across the lands of Urth, in a journey fraught with peril and wonder, ancient memories and savage death. Fleeing the terrors of the deep water dwellers and the flying slivers of night, he moves inexorably toward the final mystery—the long-foretold coming of the New Sun!


"A triumph of imagination" —The New York Times Book Review

"One of the true classics of modern science fantasy" —Gregory Benford

"Heroic, enigmatic, philosphical... assured of classic status... a work of art" —Washington Post Book World

"Brilliant... terrific... a fantasy so epic it beggars the mind!" —Philadelphia Inquirer

"A major work of twentieth-century American literature... Wolfe's imagination is as comelling and his language as nearly flawless as ever... OUTSTANDING." —ALA Booklist

"One hell of a good read... Gene Wolfe is as good a writer as there is today... astonishingly, marvelously literate." —Algis Budrys

"A far-future saga of audacious originality and style... no one weaves a spell of character, incident, and atmosphere as well as Wolfe, and The Book of the New Sun is his premier accomplishment." —Michael Bishop

"Permeated with the compelling narrative power of great writing... it's not difficult to call him SF's best genuine novelist." —Chicago Sun-Times

"The Book of the New Sun contains elements of Spenserian allegory, Swiftian satire, Dickensian social consciousness and Wagnerian mythology... [Wolfe] creates a truly alien social order that the reader comes to experience from within... once into The Citadel of the Autarch, there is no stopping—and you will no quickly forget Severian and his world... Mr. Wolfe keeps all his promises... the completed Book of the New Sun establishes his pre-eminence, pure and simple." —The New York Times Book Review

"I really do think this is the same size event as the Lord of the Rings... beware! this is magic stuff... totally original, new, incomparable... —Ursual K. Le Guin

"A splendid offering... filled with menace and yet invested with a dreamlike quality... magnificent!" —San Francisco Chronicle

"These books are chests full of wonders; full of images like jewels, of words a reader can get drunk on, of people and incidents that will linger long in memory... one of the great science fantasy epics of all time." —George R. R. Martin




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