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Vampire Earth

Winter Duty

Written By:E E Knight - 2009

  • Winter Duty - E E Knight cover


Welcome to the year 2076. Earth is under new management.

Now E. E. Knight continues the story of David Valentine and his efforts to keep a coalition of rebellious clans together in opposition to the vampiric Kurians.

The cause of freedom in Kentury balance on a knife-edge. Major David Valentine and his fugitive battalion are all that is left of an expeditionary force shattered in its long retreat from disaster in the Appalachians. Between a raging blizzard, the remnants of the brutal and fanatic Moondaggers—bands of headhunters kidnapping entire towns to sell to the Kurians—and the need to recover wounded soldiers lost during the retreat, Valentine is in for the toughest winter of his life.

And Valentine is losing allies fast. Some of the clans in the region have declared themselves in favor of the Kurians, throwing Kentucky into civil war. But the Kurian overlords have determined that the region isn't worth the effort of another conquest. Their order: extermination. By whatever means necessary...


"Gritty realism, Lovecraftian villains, and boffo action scenes." —S.M. Stirling, National Bestselling Author of The Scourge of God

"Evocative of Richard Matheson as well as Howard Hawks, Knight;s terrifying future world is an epic canvas on which he paints a tale of human courage, heroism, and yes, even love." —Jay Bonansinga, Author of Perfect Victim

"Compelling pulp adventure... The sympathetic hero, fast-paced action, and an intricately detailed milieu set in various well-imagined regions of twenty-first-century North America make for an entertaining read." —Publishers Weekly

"Consistent tone and voice and excellent pacing keep the reader glued to the action and adventure... E. E. Knight's work is creative and the voice is his own." —Science Fiction Weekly

"A fantastic work of science fiction in the vein of Well's War of the Worlds." —Midwest Book Review

"Mr. Knight has a fabulous writing voice and his futuristic world, as well as the characters that live and die there, is well-defined." —Darque Reviews

The national bestselling Vampire Earth novels are "sure to delight all fans of dark fantasy and hairraising heroic adventure" (Rambles).




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