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Vampire Hunter D

Dark Nocturne

Written By:Hideyuki Kikuchi / Yoshitaka Amano - 2008

  • Dark Nocturne - Hideyuki Kikuchi / Yoshitaka Amano cover


in the title story, “dark nocturne,” d is hired to unlock the secret of a siren’s song that is drawing young men to their deaths in the hills outside anise village. are the accursed under the spell of a vampire, or something more sinister? in “an ode to imagined fall” d finds himself caught between two lovers during a ritualistic sacrifice in the village of shirley’s door, but if d can’t stop the slaying will all in the village be doomed? and in “legend of the war fiends,” two remnants of a war waged hundreds of years in the past—living weapons genetically engineered to fight until none survived—find that battle is not so easily forgotten. it’s up to d to stop their unending conflict before history repeats itself, consuming everyone in their path.




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