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When the Sky Burned

Written By:Ben Bova - 1973

  • When the Sky Burned - Ben Bova cover


He had to return through space to the nightmare savagery of Earth

Mother Moon, Father Earth

On the moon, Alec Morgan's mother ruled with her sensuous beauty and superb intellect. Alec was heir to her high position, and to her hatred of the husband who deserted her and her people for the lure of conquest on Earth.

On Earth, Alec Morgan's father ruled a swiftly growing army and an explosively expanding empire, and welcomed Alec with the promise of more power than any man had ever possessed.

Alec had left the moon a civilized man. Now as an outlaw rebel on Earth he was learning the savagery and cunning of his own nature. Whose son was he, his father's or his mother's? And more important, which of his parents was offering him the key to the survival of humankind?


First the fire, the the sword

First the great solar flare scorched half the Earth. Then nuclear warheads blindly set in flight devastated the rest.

Earth was a place of horror now, its human survivors murderous savages. Only in a colony on the Moon did civilization survive intact—and even that was threatened. Its last hope was a desperate expedition back to Earth to obtain the fissionable fuel vital to human lunar life—fuel now denied the Moon by a brilliant, ruthless barbarian conqueror.

At the head of the expedition was young Alec Morgan—and the Earthling emperor he came to destroy was his father...


Sci-fi at its best