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Who Can Replace a Man?

Written By:Brian Aldiss - 1965

  • Who Can Replace a Man? - Brian Aldiss cover


He is the last man on Earth—a primitive in an Earth filled with robot-masters... machines intent on destroying him. His only weapon in this world of robots is his human voice... If he perishes, WHO CAN REPLACE A MAN?


The Language is Fear

...the future is desolation. Progress has reached its peak. Earth's posibilities have been explored and exhausted. Spacemen have conquered and have been conquered, and God has been offered the ultimate challenge: human resurrection.

Only one man still lives in a world made—and destroyed—by his progenitors. Now he faces extinction through the machinations of those who have inherited the earth: The Robots.

Britain's top science fiction fantasist breaks through the time barriers to speculate on man's harrowing future in a world overrun by the machines he created to serve him.


"A virtuoso performance—a brand-new and startling idea about time, brilliantly brought off." —The Saturday Review

"Amusing, provocative, disturbing, and downright frightening." —Burlington Free Press

"Aldiss has the distinction of being one of the most polished and thought-provoking writers of this genre." —Indianapolis Star