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Windows of Heaven, The

The Paladin's Odyssey

Written By:K. G. Powderly Jr. - 2003

  • The Paladin's Odyssey  - K. G. Powderly Jr. cover


Humanity has amnesia, a symptom of physical and psychological trauma. Scars on planet Earth give disturbing testimony of vast upheaval. The Windows of Heaven is the 5-novel epic of a distant blacked-out past. Yet some horrors won’t stay buried… The Paladin's Odyssey continues the saga of the Seer Clan’s decline in a dying world that once surfaced Earth ages before our own. For U’Sumi, son of A'Nu-Ahki, being the butt of ethnic and religious prejudice is normal. Yet the Seer Clan’s rejection of his father as the prophesied Comforter is the least of his problems. In distant Aztlan, the young priestess, Pyra wonders if her horrific nightmares are mere dreams. Aztlan’s titans bask in hi-tech indolence over an empire enslaved by hypno-engineered superstition aided by the techno-sorceress Pandura, Pyra’s grandmother. Then Pyra discovers terrible secrets under the temple laboratories… U'Sumi faces death on a vast scale when the Seer Clan combats Aztlan’s invasion. All his life, his father warned him of the coming World-end. Now horrors of bio-mechanized warfare and gnawing doubts bring harrowing changes to U’Sumi’s life when he is trapped inside the abomination of the enemy’s most fearsome weapon. Here he discovers the hideous nature of Aztlan's power—a force already running amok and unraveling the very fabric of life on Earth...




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