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Windows of Heaven, The

The Tide of Nemesis

Written By:K. G. Powderly Jr. - 2005

  • The Tide of Nemesis  - K. G. Powderly Jr. cover


The Apocalypse Comet returns, bringing with it heavenly disturbances never before seen by the sacred astronomers. Most of humanity refuses to discuss the “white behemoth” in the sky, while powerful political innovators deliberately misread the star signs to engineer a new social order.
Marginalized even by their own tribe, time is up for A’Nu-Ahki’s family. For centuries the Seer Clan warned of a world-destroying cataclysm. Now, except for A’Nu-Ahki, it pedals salvation scams.

Armies gather for the final showdown of the Titans, while A’Nu-Ahki’s rescue ship fills its holds during a series of strange animal migrations. However, the Temple laboratories have accidentally spawned a super-plague that threatens the viability of all life on Earth, and it is spreading too rapidly to contain. Creatures already contaminated cannot be immediately detected.

Tensions inside A’Nu-Ahki’s family are volatile, as secret hatreds from hidden pasts threaten the unity, and even the sanity of those who could be the only survivors of the Tides of Nemesis.

The Windows of Heaven is a multi-volume epic of cataclysmic global death and rebirth in an age only legend, myth, ancient scriptures and “out-of-place” fossils recall.




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