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The Final Storm

Written By:Mack Maloney - 1989

  • The Final Storm  - Mack Maloney cover


Rising up from civilization's rubble, he is the last hope of a nulcear-ravaged America!


Freedom is reborn. The nuclear nightmare that reduced the U.S. to radioactive rubble is now history—and a fearless ace fighter pilot has taken to the skies to lead his crippled nation down the fiery road to recovery. He is Hawk Hunter, "Wingman" —keeping alive the indomitable spirit of an almost forgotten dream called "America!"

The North American continent has been wrestled from the brutal grasp of the Soviet warlords. But deep in the frozen Siberian wastes, last-ditch elements of the Evil Empire plan to annihilate the Free World in one final rain of nuclear death. Trading his sleek F-16 fighter jet for a larger, heavier B-1B supersonic swing-wing bomber, Hawk Hunter undertakes his most perilous mission—an impossible 6,000 mile solo bombing run deep into the lethal, impenetrable heart of the enemy's homeland! Waging an awesome battle from the cockpit of the last of the "Ghostriders," only Wingman can save his doomed country from extinction—but it will almost certainly cost him his life!


Hawk Hunter was consumed by a blind rage!

Shooting down planes was all part of the horrible game of war. But gunning down a helpless pilot after he'd bailed out was just plain cowardly murder. Anger toward the malicious Soviet pilot burned inside him like a piece of hot metal. He yanked back on the F-16's controls, putting the fighter into a steep, near-vertical climb.

Almost immediately he was surronded by green-yellow tracers streaming past his canopy. Somehow the Russian MiG was suddenly beneath him, and Hawk felt two dull thuds on the underside of his plane.

Now there was only one way out. But no matter what the risk, he was going to take it.

War was war. But senselss killings had to be avenged!




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