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Written By:Mack Maloney - 1990

  • Skyfire - Mack Maloney cover


He is the last hope of ravaged America!


All but obliterated by the poisonous fallout of a first strike nuclear attack, America has been reduced to a war-blackened wasteland, struggling to survive. Up from the broken dreams of what was the most powerful country on earth rises a lone hero, ready to rekindle the American spirit—Hawk Hunter, ace fight pilot, known to his enemies as Wingman.

A deadly master plot to conquer what was left of the United States explodes in a series of surprise attacks on major east coast cities. Armies of high-tech mercenaries aboard sleek nuclear submarine transports strike fast and hard, leaving a bloody trail of death and destruction on land and sea. Illequipped for retaliation, the nation's only hope was savage air warrior Hunter and his awesome Harrier jump jet to spearhead the fight against the enemy hordes. Joining forces with the Doomsday Fleet, a tight group of Naval attack ships, Wingman burns up the air with rapid fire ordnance and turns the oceans dark with blood in an epic battle to keep America free!



Every warning light on Hawk Hunter's cockpit panel came on at once.

One moment he was flying undetected high above the dog bank, in the next his Harrier jumpjet was being "painted" by at least three blazing threat-warning radars. Within three to five seconds, the air around him would be filled with so many missiles and AA shells that even the best of pilots would not survive.

But Hawk Hunter was better than the best.

Within a mirco-second of the first warning, Hunter had one on the offensive. In the snap of a switch he had armed his twin Aden cannon pods. With the flick of a button he activated his pair of wingtip-mounted Matra 155 twin rocket launchers as well as the single Harpoon antiship missile he carried under his right wing.

Then he yanked back on the jumpjet's vertical thrusters, literally bringing the Harrier to a screeching halt. Four heartbeats later, the air was filled with hundreds of deadly AA shells and four screaming SA-2 missiles. All of them missed. Hunter watched as the high-tech flak passed through the airspace where he would have been if he hadn't slammed on the brakes.

"OK," he whispered, jamming the thruster controls back into the full forward flight position. "Now it's my turn..."




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