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War of the Sun

Written By:Mack Maloney - 1992

  • War of the Sun - Mack Maloney cover


He is the last hope of ravaged America!


One half of the battle to free the American continent is over. Led by America's fearless warrior of the skies, top-gun jet fighter pilot Hawk Hunter, the United Americans have expelled the brutal neo-Nazi armies from the lands east of the Rockies. But the war-blackened West Coast remains in the clutches of inhuman Asian warlords who have promised total destruction of all who keep the dream of freedom burning in their hearts... and the coundown to nuclear doomsday has begun.

Racing against time, Hawk Hunter and his allies take to the seas in a newly-acquired nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with a bold plan that combines ingenuity and surprise with almost certain death. Recreating the most perilous flying mission of World War II—General Jimmy Doolittle's daring bombing raid over Tokyo—the forces of freedom will make one last desperate strike at the impenetrable heart of the evil Asian empire... flying striaght into the hands of the very people who most want Hawk Hunter dead. The mission's success will pave the way for an America reunited once more. Its failure... the enslavement of a once proud nation for another hundred years!


Attack From the Rising Sun

Something was wrong

A glint of metallic reflection high above caught Hawk Hunter's eye. In an instant he pulled back hard on the stick of the 'XL and booted in his afterburner. A second later he was screaming straight up at full military power.

It took him just two seconds to appraise the situation. Right above him, at about 1,500 feet, was a pack of airborne unfriendlies diving toward him, guns blazing in his direction. Hunter was uncharacteristically stunned. He knew that aircraft like these hadn't seen combat since the days of World War Two. The enemy aircraft were Mitsubishi A6Ms, the airplane once called the "Zero."

He thought, Maybe I'm in a dream...

But now he had more immediate concern. The flying museum pieces had initiated hostile action against him. He had to answer it in turn. With a flick of his finger he armed his nose cannons. An instant later, the climbing F-16's snout erupted in a fusillade of vicious fire.

This might be too easy, he told himself.

Seconds late, he knew he was right...




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