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Wings of the Valiant

Written By:Mark Edward Jones - 1999

  • Wings of the Valiant - Mark Edward Jones cover


The blood and sand of Desert Storm II gave birth to millions of victims and very few heroes. United States Marine fighter pilot Captain Dylan Brann survived the horrors of war but his psyche was deeply scarred. Once stateside, he must recover while dealing with an amazing discovery. An ancient Incan artifact and the chronicles of a long dead Spanish Conquistador identify a possible connection between himself and an incredible event that occurred in South America nearly 500 years before. A phenomenon so extraordinary that it reaches across time and space and into the 21st century. This newfound knowledge flings the aviator into a perilous world populated by treacherous politicians, egomaniacal archaeologists, secret government agents, deadly Scottish gangsters, and murderous Peruvian drug lords. Dylan's globetrotting odyssey leads him to revelations about the past and several confrontations with the powerful forces of evil while uncovering the fantastic purpose of his own existence within the Universe. Prepare to encounter a legend for the new millennium where adventure takes flight!