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World's End

The Enchantress of World's End

Written By:Lin Carter - 1975

  • The Enchantress of World's End  - Lin Carter cover


The Second Book of the Gondwane Epic

Gondwane... In the last days of Earth, the continents drifted together again after aeons' separation, and that was Gondwane.

Gondwane... When all the kingdoms of all the peoples of Earth had come and gone and new ones arose, it was on Gondwane they created their ephemeral glories.

On Gondwane, amid the turmoil of the last wars and the last quests and the last efforts of scientists and alchemists, there arose one final hero, the mighty Ganelon Silvermane.


Millions upon millions of years hence, when all of the ancient continents of Old Earth have come together to form the immensity of Gondwane, the Last Continent, in the Twilight of Time, there shall come a Savior sent by Galendil to wrestle with the Doom of the World: they shall call them Silvermane. —Oth Kangmir, The Book Imperishable


By the master of sword & Sorcery

The saga of Ganelon is the telling of master fantasist Lin Carter. And it is in the story of the Scarlet Enchantress that Ganelon first found the meaning of manhood.




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