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World's End

The Pirate of World's End

Written By:Lin Carter - 1978

  • The Pirate of World's End  - Lin Carter cover


The fifth book of the Gondwane epic


Under the Falling Moon

The sun sank below the western horizon of Gondwane, and the stars came forth in regal splendor. As the travelers rolled themselves into their cloaks for the night, the dark landscape was flooded by an uncanny silver brilliance. Above the horizon floated a titanic orb which filled a very sizable portion of the sky. A tremendous disc of pinkish silver it was, with features common to the moon of our own day, but of proportions stupendously larger.

It was the Falling Moon.

Over the span of hundreds of millions of years, the drag of the Old Earth's gravitational attraction had gradually slowed the forward flight of her ancient companion, until the moon was drawn nearer and nearer to the Earth so that she bulked with ominous hugeness in her nocturnal skies.

Grrff and Ganelon and Ishgadara and Kurdi had seen that titantic and threatening spectacle every night of their lives, and fell asleep without concern for future destruction.

When they awoke with dawn, however, Kurdi had disappeared...


Ganelon Silvermane is surely one of the greatest of Lin Carter's sword & sorcery creations. A massive warrior created by a forgotten genetic science for an unknown purpose, the epic of his wanderings along with a mixed group of friends among the weird and marvelous lands of the farthest future is one of Lin Carter's most memorable creations.




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