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Worlds Apart

Written By:Joe Haldeman - 1983

  • Worlds Apart - Joe Haldeman cover


A novel of future survival

In the year 2085, one thrid of the Earth's population was destroyed in World War IV... in one day. Then a deadly plague struck, bringing insanity and horrible death to anyone over the age of eighteen. Citizen Marianne O'Hara of New New York, one of the satellite Worlds that are the last outposts of humanity's future, has three choices—

To seek out her lover, who wanders the savage Earth, attempting to heal Manson cultists who pursue death as a sacrament—

To remain at home, protected by her communal marriage—

Or to journey into deep space, find a new world and he,p humanity start all over again—



"This is May 5,2085. The rumor of plague on Earth is true.

"Everyone who has been to the States since the war started must clear out!

"If you know anybody who's been outside, report his name to any assassin. If you see anybody with symptoms, go get an assassin. Or do the job yourself—but only if you have a flamer..."


"Picks up where LORD OF THE FLIES left off" —New York Times




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