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Written By:Joe Haldeman - 1981

  • Worlds - Joe Haldeman cover


It is 2084 when Marianne O'Hara leaves New New York, one of forty-one Worlds orbiting a polluted, regressive Earth, on a prized trip few "spacers" even know—the shuttle to the mother planet.

She leaves a climate of free love, triune-families of two husbands, one wife, no personal firearms or private wealth—to be dazzled and frightened by the savage street crime of old New York, the sight and smell of sea and snow, the strange sexual practices of hostile Earthman—and unwitting involvement in a radical group fanatically driven to one goal—total destruction of Old Earth by a nuclear inferno!


You can't know space unless you were born there. You can get used to it, maybe. You can't love the surface of a planet if you were born in space. Not even Earth. Too big and too crowded and nothing between you and the sky. Things drop in straight lines. But Earth people do visit space and Worlds people do visit Earth. Always to come back changed, sometimes leaving changes.


"A future you can accept without question, full of the casual reality which makes for high drama when the pieces start to come apart..." —Frank Herbert, author of The Dune Trilogy

"Joe Haldeman's writing has never been better... there are scenes in Worlds I will remeber forever..." —Stephen King, Author of Firestarter

"A century from now our world will be a strange mixture of the unexpected and the familiar... Haldeman has come up with another winner." —Publishers Weekly

"...a really fine story... as much fiction as it is science fiction." —Roanoke Times and World-News




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