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Written By:Octavia E. Butler - 1987

  • Dawn - Octavia E. Butler cover


Lilith Iyapo is in the remote Andes, mourning the death of her husband and son, when nuclear war destroys the world. Centuries later, she revives, held captive aboard a starship.

Miraculously powerful and hideously grotesque galactic beings, the Oankali have rescued the planet and war's victims out of an irresistible need to heal and a greater need to change all they touch. For the Oankali survive by merging genetically with primitive peoples—without their permission.

Lilith's children will inherit the Earth and stars. But they will be more—and other—than human.


"Moving, frightening, fun, and eerily beautiful." —Washington Post Book World

MacArthur Foundation grant recipient Octavia E. Butler's award-winning novels have earned her an acclaimed place in women's fiction, African-American literature, and speculative fiction. The Xenogenesis Series is an evocative, sensual—and disturbing—epic of human transformation.

"An engrossing tale, seducing the reader... thought provoking. A new Octavia Butler novel (including this one) is an exciting event." —Locus

"Butler sets the imagination free, blending the real and the possible." —United Press International

"Superb... A challenging and visionary work... should became a science-fiction classic." —Seattle Times/Post-Intelligencer

"Clever, thoughtful, and engaging." —Ms.

"Gripping reading... bold and original ideas... Sure to have a powerful influence on science fiction dealing with genetics and bioengineering." —OtherRealms

"Shows the author at the height of her imaginative and writing powers." —Essence

"Well-written, thoughtful." —St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Excellent, unique... Creates a fascinating alien culture and believable characters." —Knoxville News-Sentinel

"A profoundly moving tale that looks at commonplace ideas from a unique angle. Read Adulthood Rites, not only for the wonderfully realized and complex aliens, and the utopian society they attempt to create, but also for the uplifting and ennobling emotions you can't fail to experience from Ms. Butler's sterling prose." —Rave Reviews

"Butler in top form... spare, vivid prose... intriguing, well-developed ideas, solid characters, and crisp narrative." —Kirkus Reviews

"Adulthood Rites is a minor masterpiece." —Houston Post




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