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Apocalypse Blues

Written By:Walter Greatshell - 2004

  • Apocalypse Blues - Walter Greatshell cover


Famine. Plague. War. Zombines.


"This is the Emergency Broadcast Network. The epidemic known as Agent X has contaminated all but the most isolated pockets of the country. A state of martial law has been declared. Stay inside. Barricade all windows. Lock all doors. The infected are considered to be psychotic and extremely dangerous. Trust no one. This is not a test."

Agent X is unlike anything modern science has seen before—a fast-spreading virus that turns the infected into raving maniacs on the hunt for the planet's few remaining survivors.

One of those survivors is Lulu, a seventeen-year-old spared by a rare medical condition. Immune to Agent X and witness to her own mother's bestial degeneration, Lulu is on the run for the frozen North, the last place on Earth rumored to be safe. But what's awaiting her is as unexpected, and as frightening, as what's followed her there...


"Surprise after surprise. A heady brew of horror, science fiction, suspense, and adventure... 28 Days Later meets Lord of the Flies... as sharp and bone-chilling as an arctic gale." —A. J. Matthews, author of Unbroken

"The writing is fast paced and keeps you hooked. The book itself is a cross of Night of the Living Dead and an end-of-the-world-type premise that you would find in books like George Stewart's Earth Abides." —Roundtable Reviews

"A triumph both epic in scope and entirely unpredictable and anchored by one of the most refreshing and unique voices in modern fiction." —Nate Kenyon, author of The Bone Factory

"An amazing novel... It's really, really good." —Bob Fingerman, author of Bottomfeeder

"This book has it all: action, excitement, a subtle love story, a bit of comedy, and even a really cool part where the story is told from the point of view of a zombie for a few chapters. The book is even left open for a sequel. I'll keep my fingers crossed." —Dead Lantern

"Greatshell's book is just as much science fiction as it is horror, and he creatively blends [the] two genres together. Greatshell does a great job of developing Lulu as a character, and his strong writing makes this an enjoyable apocalyptic tale." —Monster Librarian

Well pace... The story unfolds with plenty happening and some genuinely shocking scenes." —Zombies




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